1. Do MASX Biodegradable?
  • Yes, our fabrics are made from natural fibres mainly cotton. According to our research it should take between 1 - 5 months for cotton to decompose. If you are really concerned about the environment, just like us, you can separate “CO2 release Valve” (for Active+ series), “Earloop and Stopper” and “Nose retainer” and dispose it separately.

  1. How many times can I reuse MASX?
  • Our MASX has been designed to keep its maximum protection capability and can be reused at least 30 times, if you handle it properly. 

  1. Can MASX protect against COVID-19?
  • No, MASX has been designed to filter those smog and dust particles. However, the outer fabric comes with Water Repellent properties which could reduce the chance of sneeze droplets entering another layer of fabric. Nevertheless, the particle size of the virus is too small, approximately 0.1 µm, so social distancing is recommended. 

  1. Do MASX suitable for kids?
  • Our Active Kid serie has been developed for kids age 4 - 10 year. 

  1. Where can I buy MASX?
  •  We do not have overseas distributors yet, so the best way to buy our products is limited to our website www.masx.co only. 

  1. Do you ship to countries outside Thailand?
  • Yes, we provide worldwide shipping. Price may vary depending on condition of purchase, eg. free shipping, or country of destination.

  1. If I am interested in becoming an agent for MASX, Where should I contact? 
  • If you are interested in becoming our agent please contact us at our email info@masx.co .

  1. Can MASX be used during exercise?
  • MASX has not been designed to use during exercise. Though our Active+ series is good for outdoor activities, it would be limited to walking or when you commute from home to work. We recommend that you keep distance from others during your exercise and wear MASX after you finished exercising.

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